Internship Youth Support

UCU internship Class 2012

The team: Fabian von Hase, Olivier Onvlee and Matayo

Undertook Civic Education on the Kenyan Constitution 2010 “Don’t let them take away your vote!” Enhancing civic participation among the Maasai in Narok County They compiled an user friendly “Voters Guide” in preparation for the 2013 General Election Produced local dialect version of the guide with the help of PiL

The 2013 Class

The TEAM: Mariel Kistemaker and Constantin Stegkemper

The team looked at Forest Management and Conservation, Land Tenure, Unregistered Community Land and Indigenous Rights Drafted helpful guidelines on Community Forest Associations (CFAs) for Elangata Enterit Community for the Management of the Entim e Naimina Enkiyio (Loita forest) Contributed to the enhancing community’s capacities in participatory forest management facilitating such conversations, especially during school holidays, our project aims to show the youth that they are the leaders of tomorrow and empower them to seek out social and economic change.

Interns Class 2014

The team: Korodimou Michaela, Dang Thai and Jennifer Richard

Drafting of a Community Based Monitoring Information System (CBMIS) Report Developed Beading for life website for marketing Maasai beadworks for local women group ( Designed a Beading for life Bronchure Connected the Beadwork products to markets in Greece and Netherlands (UCU) generating a total of 3,050 Euros contributing to diversified sources of revenue for local women groups

The 2015 Class

The TEAM: Julian Swinkles and Hanna Song

Participated in the development of Enkutoto’s group ranch Community 3D Map and natural resource They developed Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) guidelines for use by local communities in their engagement with development actors local Developed the Beading for life Price Catalogue, updated the website and produced and excellent bronchure

The 2016 Class

The team: Livia O’ Neill and Maya Taselaar

Helped a great deal document the Majimoto group ranch Land rights struggle which they found its Climax Published a blog of in support of the land rights struggle “The fight for rights in Maji moto“ Asserting agency in times of rapid socio-cultural change