Maji Moto Resource Center

Mutaitin Community Resource Center

Facilitating youth engagement in economic and social processes through enhanced access to information and role modelling is an important goal for ILEPA. With that aim in mind, ILEPA has devoted efforts to introducing a learning space where indigenous children can learn about issues of governance, land rights, natural resources and the environment. The Mutaitin Community resource center was introduced as a way of building reading culture with various books, some of them directly related to issues affecting the project area. resort to searching for alternative forms of income.

The resource center serves as a basis for engagement with the youth. The books serve as a means to empower individuals to participate in further meaningful discussion and experience sharing about topics related to ILEPA’s programs. By facilitating such conversations, especially during school holidays, our project aims to show the youth that they are the leaders of tomorrow and empower them to seek out social and economic change.

The resource center presents the only access that the community has to books. Therefore expanding our collection is vital for the whole community. We rely on donations of new books from donors to supply the library with new materials to read, offering people the opportunity to improve their own lives. To donate books, please contact